Fletcher Physical Therapy and Consulting is a boutique physical therapy practice specializing in highly skilled, individualized care based primarily on the McKenzie Method of assessment and treatment.  We achieve this by emphasizing the importance of a thorough assessment and an accurate diagnosis and an individual's ability to self heal once they have the right tools.

The first step of healing is an accurate diagnosis and the last step is preventing future episodes.  Without these crucial steps, your treatment may be misguided or only temporarily helpful, not to mention costly.  We are highly trained in diagnosing and educating on self treatment and prevention.  In addition, we are credentialed in manual physical therapy techniques.

Do you have back pain, neck pain, or headaches?  Does the pain radiate into your leg or arm? Do you have a sports related injury?  Or a stiff or painful joint in your arm or leg?

These are just some of the conditions we can help you with.